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One part polymer modified high strength sreuctural repair mortar

FAP RECO HS is a single pack structural grade, polymer modified, fiber reinforced cementitious repair mortar. FAP RECO HS is a high strength reinstatement mortar with shrinkage compensating properties. The product is ready to use, requiring only the on-site addition of water.

FAP RECO HS is a ready to use spray or hand applied fibre reinforced, polymer modified high strength repair mortar. FAP RECO HS is suitable for structural repairs in buildings, marine structures, bridges and other infrastructure.

Uses & Advantages

FAP RECO HS is a fine, ready to use repair mortar for repairing concrete surfaces including honeycombs, surface defects and minor damage. It can also be used to repair corrosive damage to concrete surfaces.

  • Structural repair mortar.
  • Easy to apply. Excellent workability.
  • Excellent adhesion and mechanical strengths.
  • Contains no chlorides or salts that may cause corrosion
  • High and early mechanical strength.