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Chemical Resistant Epoxy Tile Adhesive and Tile Grout

FAP EPOFIX is a Three-component epoxy based tile adhesive and tile grout comprising of Part A,Part B & Part C. The combined system has excellent chemical resistance and does not promote the growth of algae. FAP EPOFIX is ideal for single operation bedding and grouting of ceramic, quarry tiles, etc. FAP EPOFIX is a blend of selected inert fillers combined with low viscosity, high-grade epoxy resins. Normally White and Grey colors are available. Special colors can be made available upon request and with minimum order quantities.

Typical Applications & Advantages

  • Waterproof and chemically resistant.
  • Suitable for permanent or partial immersion in salt, fresh and chlorinated water.
  • Dual-purpose bedding & grouting in a single operation.
  • Excellent durability, service life as long as chemical resistant tiles.
  • Excellent adhesion to steel, concrete, ceramic and quarry tiles.
  • Swimming pools, quality bathrooms and fountains.
  • Heavy-duty workshops, plant & battery rooms. Electrical substations.
  • Internal and external applications where an aesthetic, hard wearing, algae and chemical resistant tile grout is required.    

Instructions for Use

Surface Preparation : The surface to be tiled or the area to be grouted, must be structurally sound and free from dust, loosely adhered material, and plaster, cement droppings, grease oil etc. Substrate moisture content should not exceed 5%.

Mixing : Use a slow speed mixer to mix Part A & Part B slowly to achieve the required uniform and optimum consistency. Once proper dispersion, uniform color and consistency is obtained mixing may be stopped. Do not over mix the material in excess of its normal mixing time and do not remix the material again.

Application : As an adhesive for bedding, apply a 3 mm screed over the floor area, for walls; a notched trowel may be used. For bedding as well as grouting, do not apply more material than can be used during the productís pot life. As an adhesive or bonding agent, press the tiles with a slight twisting action, this will ensure full adhesive contact on the tile surface. For wall tiles fixing, start tiling from the lowest level and proceed upwards. Support may be required if tiling starts above floor level. Where grouting is to be finished at the time of placement, increase bed depth to 5 mm and depress tiles until FAP EPOFIX appears in the gaps between the tiles. Otherwise, apply FAP EPOFIX using a spatula or small trowel once the tiles are fixed in position.


Coverage rates vary according to the tile size, tile thickness, bed thickness, workmanship, etc.

Tile Grout: Typically for a tile size of 150mm x 150mm x 6mm and a joint width of 2mm coverage may be 0.25 litre/m≤.

Tile Adhesine: Typically a coverage rate of 3 liter/m≤ is possible for a bed thickness of 3mm.

Packaging & Storage

FAP EPOFIX is supplied in 5 liter units comprising of two components Part A, Part B & Part C and it has a minimum shelf life of 12 months provided it is stored under cover, out of direct sunlight.

Health & Safety

As with all chemical products, caution should always be exercised. Protective clothing, Such as gloves and goggle, should be worn. Should any of the products be accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomit but call for medical assistance immediately. Ensure the container is available for the medical attendant to examine any relevant instructions and contents details. Reseal all containers after use and ensure product is stored as instructed on the safety section of the labelling.