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PVA Bonding Agent, Additive & Bonding Agent

FAP PVA BOND -50 is a multipurpose bonding agent used as surface sealer, bonding agent, admixture for cement and mortar.

Bonding Agent

This gives mortars, especially topping mortars very good resistance. The wear resistance of screed treated with FAP PVA BOND -50 is excellent compared to a conventional screed with common mortar. The topping will be dust free, wear proof water, oil, and grease proof.

Bonding new concrete to old

Ensure that the substrate is stable, sound, thoroughly clean and free from oil, grease and any loosely adhering material. Apply a sealing coat of FAP PVA BOND -50 diluted with 2 parts of water and allow drying. Apply a bonding coat of FAP PVA BOND -50 diluted with equal volume of water and lay the concrete while this coat is still tacky.


FAP PVA BOND -50 has a plasticizing effect which improves mortar application, increases the mechanical strength of screeds, reduces shrinkage and has perfect adhesion even on smooth concrete.


FAP PVA BOND -50 bonds with all building material except PVC, rubber and polyethylene. It can be used to bond plaster board, ceramic tiles, marble, etc. when added with suitable filler.

Surface Sealer

FAP PVA BOND -50 can be used as a surface sealer for concrete and floor to minimize the dusting and penetration of unwanted oils. It can be used as an effective primer prior to certain decorative coating.

Bitumen Primer

Used to stop bitumen coatings bleeding through subsequent films. They may be primed with equal parts of water which will form an efficient barrier and will then be safe.


Typically coverage of 20 to 28 m2/liter is possible when used as a sealer coat, depending on the surface texture roughness,  porosity etc

Health & Safety

As with all chemical products, caution should always be exercised. Protective clothing such as gloves and goggle should be worn. Should any of the products be accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomit but call for medical assistance immediately. Ensure the container is available for the medical attendant to examine any relevant instructions and contents details. Reseal all containers after use and ensure product is stored as instructed on the safety section of the labeling.