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FAP, Manufacturers and distributors of construction chemicals, is a Sultanate of Oman company manufacturing and supplying high quality construction chemicals to all GCC countries, African countries and south Asian countries including India.

Incorporated in Barka, Oman, in 2011, the company aims to bridge the gap in construction chemicals including adhesive products. Driven by a team of experienced professionals and researchers, the company utilizes German technology in producing effective solutions for varying construction challenges in different climate conditions in countries it serves. The company advances its business through a well equipped R&D center and Lab to develop sustainable, environmentally safe and functioning chemicals. FAP manufacturing considers not just durability or strength but its impact on human health as well.

One of the driving principles behind FAP products is its capability to affect the overall project cost positively. The products designed to perform even in worse conditions; eg: some of the products need "minimum surface preparation" so as to reduce the labor cost and resulting project delay. Considering many of the deep seated constraints in construction field, FAP has developed products that not just impact its desired areas but overall performance and quality of the project as well. FAP Strive to deliver on its promise – Trust with Strong Bond. Products from FAP not just create strong chemical bonds for your construction projects but it develops an everlasting relationship based on trust.

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Our products are eco-friendly and we do as much as we can to protect our environment.


Fap chemicals is a Sultanate of Oman company manufacturing construction chemicals.


Made utilizing German technology to meet the varying constructional requirements.


Products from FAP develops an everlasting relationship based on trust & quality.