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Accelerating Plasticizer Suitable for Precast and White Concrete

FAP PLAST C1 is a liquid concrete admixture containing accelerating and refined plasticizing aids .Various combinations and blending of the raw materials does the accomplishment that gives concrete a high early strengths and good initial workability.


  • Used wherever there is a requirement for accelerated setting times
  • High early strength concrete
  • Precast concrete & White concrete
  • Applications of GRC
  • Translucent colour thus enabling to use in white cement products
  • Increased compressive, flexural and tensile strengths


Appearance: Very light or pale yellow liquid

Specific gravity: 1.26 at 25C

Instructions for Use

Dosage Rate

Laboratory trials followed by site trials should always be conducted to determine the optimum dosage rates of FAP PLAST C1. As a general guide, an addition

Mixing : FAP PLAST C1 should be added to the mix during the mixing cycle. It may be added with the gauged water or after water has been added. Never add FAP PLAST C1 to dry cement, or dry aggregates. FAP PLAST C1 should not be mixed with any other admixtures. No extension to normal mixing times is required. FAP PLAST C1 should be dispensed through proprietary dispensers. Admixtures being used in the same concrete mix must be dispensed separately and trials must be carried out to determine performance

Effects of over dosage : Dosage rates of FAP PLAST C1higher than noted above will result Rapid setting Considerable increase in workability.

Nominal increase in air entrainment

Provided the concrete is fully cured, the ultimate strengths of the concrete will not be adversely affected. In some cases, due to air entrainment ultimate strengths may be lower. The maximum stated dosage level of anhydrous calcium chloride to be used in cementitious mixes is 1.4% by weight of the cement content. It is important to ascertain the reasons for the over dosage to avoid repetition.

Packing & Storage

FAP PLAST C1 is available in 20 litres and 210 litres drums. For site installations or mass consumptions, deliveries shall be made in bulk custom-designed containers. Should be stored in cool, shaded and dry warehouses, similar to cement. Shelf life is 12 months when stored under cover, out of direct sunlight, protected from extreme temperatures and as per recommendations. In extreme tropical climate, the product must be stored in cooled ambience. Excessive humidity and over exposure to UV will result in the reduction of shelf life