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Non - Shrink Cementitious Grout

FAP Nano-Grout GP is a pre-mixed, pre-bagged cementitious non-shrink grouting compound specially formulated to produce a high performance, pourable grout with high strength and with expansive roperties. FAP Nano-Grout GP used as a general purpose grout where it is essential to eliminate shrinkage when completely filling the void between a base plate and a substrate. It also used for anchoring a wide range of fixings that includes masts, anchor bolts, etc.

Applications & Advantages

FAP Nano-Grout GP is formulated for use at trowellable or flowable consistencies and may be used for bedding, grouting and void filling operations like Base plate grouting, Crane rails, Stanchion bases, Anchor bolt fixing, Space grouting precast concrete panels, Floor repairs, etc.

  • No metallic iron content.
  • High early and ultimate strength.
  • Good cohesion and fluidity.
  • Excellent flow characteristics.
  • Impermeable, resistant to oil and water penetration

Mixing : Damp down the inside of a forced action mixer with water prior to mixing the initial batch of FAP Nano-Grout GP. Ensure the mixer is damp but free of standing water. Add the prescribed water content into the mixer and slowly introduce the entire contents of the bag of FAP Nano-Grout GP. Mix for at least 5 minutes until the grout has a smooth, even consistency.

Placing : Ensure that sufficient mixed material is available to complete the work and achieve a continuous filling operation. Place the grout within 10 minutes of mixing to gain the full benefit of the expansion process. FAP Nano-Grout GP may be placed in thicknesses up to 100mm in a single pour when used as an under plate grout. For greater thicknesses, bulk out the grout with a 10mm well-graded, silt free aggregate to minimize heat buildup. Grout bolt holes and pockets prior to grouting between the substrate and base plate. Ensure formwork is secure to prevent movement during the placing and curing of the grout. The use of formwork tape is recommended. Chains or metal straps laid in the formwork prior to placing may be necessary to assist grout flow over large areas and assist in compaction. Pour the grout continuously from one side of the void to eliminate air and any standing water. FAP Nano-Grout GP should be poured across the shortest distance of travel. Maintain a constant hydrostatic head so that a continuous grout front is achieved. When large volumes have to be placed, the use of a diaphragm pump is recommended.

Curing : On completion of the grouting operation, exposed areas should be thoroughly cured in accordance with normal practice utilizing water, wet hessian or a curing compound.

Packaging & Storage

FAP Nano-Grout GP is available in 25 kg bags and has a minimum shelf life of 12 months provided it is stored under cover, out of direct sunlight.

Health & Safety

As with all chemical products, caution should always be exercised. Protective clothing, Such as gloves and goggle, should be worn. Should any of the products be accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomit but call for medical assistance immediately. Ensure the container is available for the medical attendant to examine any relevant instructions and contents details. Reseal all containers after use and ensure product is stored as instructed on the safety section of the labeling.