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Polymer Modified Tile Joint Filler

FAP Tile Joint is a polymer modified cementitious powder to be mixed with water to obtain a smooth creamy paste for grouting of tiles. It constitutes a water resistant non-shrink finish up to 4 mm wide.


  • FAP TILE JOINT is a water resistant, crack-free up to 4 mm in walls and floors.
  • Available in white or grey and can be colored on request.
  • Ideal for both interior and exterior use.


Composition: High grade  cement/filler special polymer and   additives.

Color            : White, grey and other  (Color on request.)

Open Time   : 60 minutes at 200C.

Density        : 1800 kg/m2.

Instruction for Use

Allow at least 24hours between fixing tiles and grouting. Ensure the tiles are firmly fixed and laid as per the instructions of the tile adhesive manufacturer. Also ensure from the site conditions that grouting work can be commenced. All grouting surfaces should be clean, dry and free from all dirt, dust and loosely adhering materials.

Surface Preparation:Apply FAP TILE JOINT after a minimum of 24 hours from tiling.

Mix the powder with clean potable water to obtain a smooth creamy paste,

Mixing:Thoroughly mix FAP TILE JOINT with water in the ratio of approximately 3:1. This ratio may vary depending on the temperature conditions, but the final mix should be consistent that produces a creamy mixes so that it can be applied easily into the joints.

Application: Apply diagonally into the joints and remove excess grout with a moist sponge before drying. Do not apply grout to an area that is of a size that cannot be finished within the pot life of the product. Porous tiles may require moistening with water prior to grouting


Approximately 1 kg of powder is enough to grout 6 m2 using standard tiles 15 cmx15 cm for 3mm width x 3 mm depth.


FAP TILE JIOINT is available in 5 kg and 20 kg bags.


Keep away from direct sunlight/moisture and store under normal warehouse condition.


Clean all tools & equipments with water immediately after use.

Health & Safety

As with all chemical products, caution should always be exercised. Protective clothing, Such as gloves and goggle, should be worn. Should any of the products be accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomit but call for medical assistance immediately. Ensure the container is available for the medical attendant to examine any relevant instructions and contents details. Reseal all containers after use and ensure product is stored as instructed on the safety section of the labeling.